Javanese Character, Lets Learn

Javanese Character >< Java Programming.

It is very interesting to learn about javanese character because it has unique form. Oh no, this is not java computer language :ngakak this is trully about character from Java.

 I am indonesian and from java.  I want to preserve javanese culture. Ok lets learn about Hanacaraka :ngakak

Javanese character usually called hanacaraka consist of 20 character .
The meaning of this character is (Ha Na Ca Ra Ka) There were delegates (Da Ta Sa Wa La) they fight each other (Pa Dha Ja Ya Nya) As strong as (Ma Ga Ba Tha Nga) and finally they were died.

We can write javanese character like this :

Javanese Character
Javanese Character

Hanacaraka character represent two character in latin and become one phrase, we can create the sentence “Rama” (father) use Ra and ma :


other example like this :

rama ana sala (father in Sala ).

rama ana sala
rama ana sala

we can use ha as “a” too .

Ok maybe this article is enough for today, chapter 2 we learn about sandhangan character and pasangan character

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