The Origin of the Name of the Town in Indonesia


Salatiga is a town of my birthplace. One of legend tells that the origin of the town “Salatiga” inspired by three robbers who tried to rob Sunan Kalijaga, so Sunan Kalijaga give that name Salatiga (Salah Tiga) (Three Person made mistake). In Other Version This City Called Salatiga because there are three people made mistake, that is Adipati Pandanarang, Nyai Pandanarang, and a robber.


Semarang stand for asem arang, that means in this place grow tamarind tree, but the distance of tamarind tree is far from each other. I lived in this town, and i have a lot of stories in this place 😀


Formerly, when Sunan Giri was travelling in the place which have visited Ki Kesdik Wacana. Sunan Giri admire the natural beauty of forest land with hilly landscape. Sunan Giri also said “Tomorrow if there are crowds of time, this place I named Wonogiri“, in Javanese Wono means Hutan (Forest) and Giri is a mountain .



Banyuwangi is the town in the eastest Java. In ancient time, in the east java led by a King Prabu Sulahkromo. He was loving with Sri Tanjung, the wife of the duke “Patih Sidopekso”.  Because Sri Tanjung reject his love, he slandered Sri Tanjung and told Sidopekso that he had been having an affair. Sidopekso muntab (Very Angry) and he want to kill his wife. Sri tanjung told, if you kill me, threw my body into the river, if this river has fragrant smell i didnt do it, but if it has bad smell i did it.  After that, this river has fragrant smell, and that place called Banyuwangi = banyu means water and wangi means fragrant.


There is a legend said that Malang derived from the word “Denied” or “hinder” (in Javanese means Malang).  At that time, Sunan Mataram who want to extend their influence to the East Java has tried to occupy the area of Malang. Residents of the area to fight a great war. Sunan Mataram assume that the people of that region prevented and denied with this purpose. So, this area called Malang.


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