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Baby’s Development At One Month Old

Babies at this one-month-old still very fragile. You as a parent should know the progress and ways to care for your baby. He is the most beautiful gift from the God. He is so delicate and full of innocence. His body needs to get a very special treatment so that he is in a comfortable state and feel a very deep affection.

Babies at one-month-old usually very weak even his neck. He can’t support the weight of his head.  In this condition should be considered for anyone who tries to lift the child to support his head also to help his small neck. In addition, the baby begins to recognize if his hands and feet are part of his body so there will be movement there. Usually, the infants can already grip the small objects or fingers with a tight. When awake, the baby will usually move his legs.

At one-month-old, the babies have a very limited sense of vision within his distance. Usually, the baby at this age has a distance of only about 25 cm, so he will see clearly his mother’s face only when breastfeeding. At this time, the baby usually focuses on his mother’s face. The sense of smell that belongs to the baby, has a good enough sense to distinguish the smell of breast milk with the smell of the other. So that reflexively he immediately suckles to his mother when the mother closes her nipple on the baby. The development of infants 1 month should be identified from the slightest aspect so that the development is monitored properly.

About the sense of hearing, the infant has been able to respond the sound, especially the voice of his mother. However, the sense of hearing isn’t as well as hearing of adult people. The babies can select the sound, they can resist the sounds that can interfere their sleep.

Sometimes, The baby’s eyes that look cross-eyed when focusing on something. This is normal if happens at one month. But, when something like this happens until your baby is two to four months old, you should be immediately consulted with a doctor. In addition, the sense of taste of a new baby only know the sweet taste, over time will recognize the taste of sour, salty, bitter.So, when he is introduced such flavors but no response from your child, you also need to consult with a doctor. Implementing a consultation with a doctor should always be done so that the baby grows well


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