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Playing with our child

As a parents, there is a happy moment when we can play with the child. Playing with a child is an important thing because it makes a new spirit for us and our children feel that their parent love them. Works 6 days in a week makes every person have stress. Playing with a child can reduce it.

But, when you are playing with your children, there are several tips that must you do. This tips can useful for the parents and lovely children:

✏ Do not set the rule of the game
When we are playing with our children, let them determine how and which game that they want. We just prepare the thing for the game and do not set the rule of the game. It will make the children learn how to give an instruction and how to communicate with another person. The most important things, our children have a confident that they can lead the others.

✏ Switch of the gadget
FOCUS, spend your time with your children. Start with switch off your gadget. This will make our children feel valued

✏ Active in the game
Sometimes, even we feel tired, we don’t be passive. Lets play with your child, it makes our child have spirit to play that game. Constuct the lego, kick the ball, block the ball, or even act as a prince, etc.

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